Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday - Football-Cowbells and Halloween

Well, I made it to Saturday.  Richard is finally seemingly getting better.  He has really had a bad time.  I believe the antibiotics are working ~ or maybe enough time has passed to allow "Mother Nature" to work.

My prayers go out to my friend Melanie Pyle O'Malley.  Her 17 year old son is back in ICU with inflamation around his heart. 

I am posting some pictures of my grandsons. Joe is playing football and is such a nice football player.  Their team is undefeated, and they have 3 more games.  Owen who is 2 years old and Nate who is 7 weeks old, came to our house last week.  We had a nice visit, with lots of playing and messing up the house with toys. Fun Fun Fun.
We went to a garage sale yesterday. I found 2 BARGAINS.  

My first bargain - Coca Cola Glasses.  The old fashioned bell shaped clear glass.  My grandson and my brother's granddaughters always want their drinks served in those glasses.  Now I have plenty of various sizes as I found 9 glasses yesterday of various sizes, all for $3.50  total.  What a deal???

My next find was a set of placemats, napkins and a table runner. They are quilted placemats that were made the old fashioned way by actually piecing the fabric then quilting.  The color scheme is blue.  I will try to post pictures later.

I am glad it is Saturday; however, I do have some work I need to go before Monday. Also, I need to finish studying my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow.  The theme of our lesson is to recognize that a faithful relationship with God is its own reward.  Hmmmm. 

Well, the SEC is again after our cowbells.  I say "MORE COWBELLS".  And, I also say, have you ever been to the SWAMP?  Or ROCKY TOP?  Talk about loud.  Put 100,000 elephants in Tuscaloosa stadium shouting "Roll Tide" and you will start looking for the ear plugs. Come on SEC, get real.


Nate - (Another little Mississippi State Bulldog)
My niece made the cake. Her business is called "Just Plain Good", and the cake was just that.

Harvest Carnival at the Church - My Sunday School Class (Life Links)
Sponsored the Go Fish
Redskins win again

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