Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas - YES!!!!

Two days until Christmas - what a nice time of the year.  I am looking forward to and have already enjoyed much excitement in all of the children's voices with such an air of anticipation.  I took some pictures of a few Christmas lights around town. 

Additionally, we have enjoyed lots of fun events.  We saw "Annie" at New Stage Theater. We went to Ballet Magnificat performance of "Snow Queen" at Thalia Mara Hall. Additionally, we enjoyed the special Christmas program at St. Matthew's UMC presented by the choir.  The children's choir put on a great performance of their Christmas music.  There was also a special bunco, with lots of good food and fun fellowship.  And, our Madison Avenue book club did a cookie swap and reviewed the Book:  "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". 

In memory of my dad, Phillip J Causey

My bottle tree - I found the red bottles at an estate sale - (for free)

Christmas in Hunter's Pointe

One more time with music, Maestro!!

Christmas Village

Here's to wishing everyone a great Christmas!!