Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back to Doctor - and More Work

We went to the doctor this morning for a recheck on the incision for DH. It is healing and the surgeon removed the staples. That is bound to be more comfortable.  It is amazing the see all of the sick people in those doctor's offices.  I have always been very blessed not to have much experience with that.

I had my little dog groomed yesterday. The groomer massacred my little dog.  Had I wanted a short hair dog, I would have bought one.  She started apologizing before I even saw what was left of my dog.  She got our "Cards" mixed up and used the wrong guard on the dog. Let me think about this, I think she had like maybe three dogs in there, and we discussed the trim before she started.  I mean why did she even need a card.  Needless to say, I will be looking for a new groomer.  Sheesh.  My little dog was trembling all night long.  We all know how bad a bad haircut makes you feel.

Here is my picture for today.  This is Carr United Methodist Church - Pineville, MS

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  1. "My little dog". That's what Mother would call her "little dog". I'm so happy to see you living out loud. Keep on rockin', girl. Keep on rockin'.