Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Joe and Scout


Happy Thanksgiving to all.  It is 81 degrees in Madison. I have the turkey in the oven and the plates on the table. The air conditioner is running to offset the heat from the stove.  Pictured above are some of those I am thankful for.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010




My grandson snapped this one of me holding my little dog - Jack
 November 1st:  The start of a brand new month.  I like new beginnings that are full of such possibilities. I have that feeling every morning.  A brand new day to write on.  Hmm.  As I look across November what do I see.  My birthday on the 17th., my Mother's birthday on the 24th.  I have nieces that also have birthdays in November. Wanda's birthday is on the 4th, and Pam's birthday is on the 28th.  Thanksgiving will be the 25th of November, but we should celebrate thanksgiving every day.

We started off November by spending money.  My car had to be repaired - new water pump and radiator.  We went to a repair shop my son recommended - Manning's Tires in Canton.  He was very fair and quick. After leaving the mechanic's shop, stopped by to look at a new car. I drove a 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer - dark burgundy - 44,000 miles. I liked the car; however, Richard - not so much.

On another interesting note, there was a road block on Highway 51 traveling from Madison to Canton.  It was a driver's license check. No problem, they glanced at Richard's license and waved him through.  After I picked up my car, I had the brainstorm that we should go to Trace Grill for supper.  I called Richard, to see if he was game for the plan.  He said he was again stopped in the same road block.  That made me think I had better pull off the road to locate my insurance papers, and get my driver's license out of my billfold so I would be ready for the check.  While I was stopped, I decided to check my inspection sticker on the front window. You can only read those things from the outside of the vehicle. Hmmm.  The sticker said it was valid through the month punched.  Is that April 2010?  OOPS.  This calls for an alternate route home. Whew that was a close call.  We will get that seen to today.  April is about the time I started working from my house.  I guess when you only drive 2 or 3 days a week, and them maybe 5 miles or less, you never think of  those things.