Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Butterflies and Bad Days

Sometimes in the midst of a ordinarily bad day you can bump against something to see the beauty that is just waiting to be seen. Hey, you ould think it was there all along if only we would slow down enough to enjoy it. MyHere is what I mean:Photos include a bird outside of my home office window, my 2 Mobile grandsons playing at the park, a bird on neighbor's roof, sunset in St. Petersburg, FL,and a "teen age"Gosling" at strawberry Park.

Aftermath, so to speak.

I had my cataract surgery yesterday afternoon. I am still waiting for the eye patch to be removed this morning. Guess what I am not nuts. I really cannot see very well with my right eye. I NEED ANOTHER SURGERY. It will be a simple laser treatment. EVERYONE CONTINUED TO ASK ME WASN'T THE CATARACT SURGERY SO GREAT. I JUST WAS NT GETTING THE SAME "WOW" RESULTS. HERE ARE 2 PICTURES FROM MY WALK AT STRAWBERRY PARK IN MADISON MS ON Monday. This was in between rain SO NOW, I NEED THIS 2ND SURGERY TO TOUCH UP MY RIGHT EYE.