Friday, January 14, 2011

January 2011 Update - Beginings and Endings

The year ended with the untimely death of my cousin, Harry. Such a nice person who was taken away from all of us way too soon.  He left so much love for his family, and was such a kind, caring, gentle spirit. He was an amazing person. All of those humble qualities, and on top of that, an Alabama fan. I can hear the heavenly chorus singing Sweet Home Alabama for Harry.

Another ending.  My friend from our camping club - Ray Smith was found dead Sunday morning. Again, such a nice, unique Christian person. You always knew how you stood with Ray.  And he loved to grow and share his tomatoes.  A life well lived.

Christmas 2010 Collage

My Sisters and Cousins

Sunset - Traveling West on I20

My Cousin Virginia's Daughter and Granddaughter

I 20 Landscape

Ice Storm - Madison MS

Practicing Cupcakes for Owen & Joe - Joe, I have your root beers - Owen - we also have Yohoo's

Decadur Baptist Church

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